Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

. .· 5 f Wly men fitlJ ,iFJto ' . Lord, that now wee need . . not fear~ , , death, that though death have a gate, .- - yet it is agate, to let us in· to- heaven, as it is a doore to let the wicked Jnto hellj So much fo! that. Inthe'.next place wee cotne to '.their carri~ge in their e.xtremit y• ., . . , :_ They Cryed,to God in their .1r1RIJle. · n !:-J I S is the Carriage - Ell of man inextreame i!JS·) if hee haue any feare of, ·aud in him·, )to prcly and then prayers are cries . -,- . they