Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

great mi(eries.• they ;are darted ocit ofthe heart as it w.ere to heaven. It is · fayd, chrift made Jlrong cryes, in extren1ity - prayers are cri,es ' hence J obferve breiRy thefe 1thJngs. That God !ufltrs men to fall into extrea1ne ills e. ven· to the gates., ·of death, that there i~ but ·_ a .. fiep betweenethem;tnd<leath. Why~ · To weaae them per!"' 55 Do 'El. God ftlffe 'rs mea to fall to great ~i~e· I ry•. fedly from the world. ReA~I· To make them more · , • · thankfull \vnen they re:. · cover : ·for what ·is the reafon that men are fo D 4 fleight