Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

~- Gods children I • any fervice for us to dqe ;. he can recover vs from · --the t'ates of .1/eath) Nay ·. from death it felfe, as we fee __ chrift in the Gofpell .ray fed fron1 the dead,and: at the refurrectiQt;l h_e will '!ayfe us f_rom death n1uch more can he rayfevsfrom· . the gf~tes of death when · wee are neere tleatb . _ .'To be in Therefore conlidedng - -,a : fi ~tte~ fit that · pra: er is a ~crnedy :to pray... in all maladies,. in a remedileffe eftate, .Let us 13- , hour to haue a fpirit ·of< prayer, and to be in fuch a· ftate as we n1ay pray o . J . Takelleed · ofknowne ·-finne.; - '/. \' ' WhAt J!ate is that?? Firfttake heed ~ofbelng ~ , in-·