Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

pray in ~ffl~ctio~s. __ 6 3 in leagt1e· !Virh any finne, . If 1 rtg-artl ~~;iquifie in my heart,G()dwiU not heare my ' prtJyer, nay h/e "rill not . heare others prq.yers ' fo~ us,oh what a pittiful fl:at e is it when God wiJl not . heare us,./· n~or ·others -for us! Pr~ty not fo~ thit peo., . ~ pie (fait-h God to ieremt· _· aiJ )a.nd if N ()a.h, Dttnict, and Io!J flood lrefo(e mee they jbould . !Ju~ deliver ·- their owne. fptJ!es. If aman ,bein a p~empt ory · courfe .of lino~, and \viJl not be . reclaymed, put is like the deafe Adder th&t' will not . -6ee charmed, God will not ·. heare prayers-for him: will · Godheare a rebel!' when he · come.s._to.. him,'for m"ercie, ., and