Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

and ftrengthens it w·ith re- · · .tention· to keepethem,and be opens the ·will to ~lofe lvith·holy tbings, and th·e affettions ·ro joy . and · delightinthe·m. So the heart is the whole inward man·, he not anly ~nlightens the underftanding, but infn- : .feth grace ·into the wiH~ and afeelions, into tbe whole inward man. We ·mull: take it in that extent- .for elfe if G1d lh9uld· only open the ttnderftanding·, and"not through_ the underftanding flow into· t-he will -by the power of his _ fpirir, the will woald:al. way rebeU :_as ind'ecd it is a poyfo~full thing; there -is nothin~ fo malicious next 4I ' ' ,', r ( '