Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

. ) J I .. , H er11 tfJ attend- / rle·xt the·~,divell ,as the will - 'iof man.G.oiwilf.ha-ue Qne way, and it will haueanother.: Therefore GoJ .doth ·not only open~ the vnder. ftanding to.conceiue, btlt he opens th~ will to clofe with,and · te~imbrace that that is-good; or elfe it will take head, and take armes againtl: the underftanding in that t}lat is good, ,-afld neuer cometo the worke · of gr~cc =Therefore, take it fo, he ·opened the. !'ill . and affedions as -well as the underfianding: though what... fo·euer is in the wil~, and.a.ffeelions,comes throug~ the underfiading, · as w.ell as heate comes through light. G1d Gpe- . \ . ned