Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

S'-t: " The GofpellthtgrounJ, _ and fu;ee •ttentied to the word ffok~» hy Paul. ·- To prize Let this teach us tO fet theordi- · a p.rice·upon the ordinance . nanceef . : p-reacl1i"g. of G6J :doth God·fet up an ordinance ;and will be not giue vertu-~, an~ power to it '?Yes: there is a majell:y; and a powe~ im the word of Got/ tQ pul peo.; pie out of the Kingdome of Satban, to the blelfed - -light of Cods Kingdorn.e. ,· It was_ the .word, and .the word opened by the mini. fiery ofPMII: _ Attentiost But it was the -word, . ~cdfarie. · and-the word o pened,and - attended to, thc'e mixed it · ,··with herattention a ad het :heartclofedwith it. Thete . . ·are thefe 3. goe together. , ~ - · The