Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

~nthe word. 6j r ________ ........._. - ·'----- may be all one: and fo to _have it incorporated, and natnralized: ~ ' into our he~rtS;that WC may fpeake and thinke;, and ~oe no- -· thing but that ~vhich is Divice: that is, to have the word -wrktea in oar hearts_, our a·ttention · _fhould be to· that end. Therefore \vhen \Ve hearr, · we fhould doe ;zs nature doth \Vith the meate vie -eate, it fuckes out a fl:rel'igth futable for every :· - parr, every part hath a,: .r power to- draw out nou- _rHhn1ent what is ft:1table to it {elfe: fo wh.en ·wee heare the word of God, we !hould be awle to fay '- this is good for fuch,and fuch ·