Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

! I D iretlioiN t~ attend farre off,We never atten. ded to the ~ Word to bring. it nearenome. If the word ~·· were asneareas " corrupti~ o.ns,and,,that - . · -~ere ingrafted, and in· · .·.. v'fllcd into the foule, we lhould have -theword readie for everytempt.atibn: there fl1ould · not be a.. temptation . offered;.-nor a·,. cerruption arife, but wee . fhould fubduo it,and.beat it do11vne with the blelfed truth of God, .accompa~­ nied, with t4e fpirit. Let ··· tts labour to get it neare us; tba~ ·the reafons of the · word and dur reafon, that , the judgment of God;and· ( our iudgemcnt? that the , wil~ofGod,&ou~own wil--. "~ may_.