Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

on the Word. dige!tiori, that goes be- ;·, fore ~igefiion be perfed:- -Iy made, and -_ t~e " meate turned into it. · Ic is ruminating, and n1editating, ' and altering of _that wee heare, and -working Of! it tbat ~akes fpiritualf nou.. rHhn1ent : rh~s wee iliould _doe·to attend to purpole. / ......_ I ' \ :And tbat.we ,m·ay doe i.t ~ let us ad~e - fome medita_- _ 4~ tions to thefe pradi[es.J Mediuti-· Confiderfirftofall who{e on. ·word it -i?• It is the word of the great God, and the word ofGod for my good I It is- t_he )good word of . ·. - ~G9d, _and the word of · God tha~brings me much good, eterq~Jl falvation if J obey it,it is tfue. word ~f ) God