Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

· .. . , J; "'7 t God that brings eternall ~am nation if I iJbey it not. It is the \vord of th~ . great -King·, a Procl;Jma. tion, a . L~w "hereby I' iliall -be judged, and per. haps that tvord that I iliall not h-eare :tnother : time, ·perhaps the fpirit · may worke ' more no_w t-henatanothertime:tber-e~ fo~e . I will 'be wife, &; give (''" wayto the fpirit ofGod).· and notbeateic b.acke,.per• . ' haps I £hal never have.fucb _. a. g~le of the fpirit offered againe~ it may be the lafl ; Ser1non I 1h:all heare while I live: we fbould. have (uch meditatios, w.e that (oeak J.. . as if it were_ the Ja'ft time:. we 1hpwld fpeake ;_and yo.u · .that