Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

102 THE BRUlSED REED PART III. CHRIST WILL SEND FORTH JUDGMENT UNTO VICTORY. WE come to the third part, The constant progress of Christ's gracious power, until he hath set up such an absolute government in us, as shall prevail over all corruption. It is said here, he will cherish the beginnings of grace ifi us, until he bring forth judgment unto victory. By judgment here is meant the kingdom of grace in us ; that government, whereby he sets up a throne in our hearts. Governors among the Jews were first called judges, then kings, whence this inward rule is called judgment: as likewise, because it agrees with the judgment of the word · which the Psalmist oft called judgment, Ps. lxxii. 1, 2, b~cause it agrees to God's judgment: men may read their doom in God's word. What it judgeth of them, God judgeth of them. By this judgment set up in us, good is discerned, allowed,