Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

104 THE BRUISED REED the chief and leading part in grace; whereupon the gracious work of repentance is called a change of the mind, and an afterwisdom. As on the other side, in the learned languages, the words that express wisdom, imply likewise the general relish and. savour of the whole soul ; and rather the judgment of taste, than of sight or any other sense, because of all other senses, taste is the most necessary, and requireth the nearest application of the object ;-so in spiritual life, it -is most necessary that the Spirit should alter the taste of the soul, that it may savour of the things of the Spirit so deeply that all other things should be out of relish. And as it is true, of every particular Christian,,. that Christ's judgment in him shall be victorious, so likewise of the whole body of Christians, the Church. The government of Christ and his_truth whereby he ruleth q.s by a sceptre, and shall at length be victorious in spite of Satan, Antichrist, and all enemies. Christ riding on his white horse bath a bow, Rev. vi.2, and goethforth conquering in the ministry, Rev.xix.11, that he-may overcome, either by conversion or to confusion. But yet I