Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOKING FLAX. 105 take judgment, for Christ's kingdom and government_within us, principally because God especially requireth the subjection .of the soul and conscience, as his proper throne; because if judgment prevail in all others about us, and not in our own hearts, it would not yield comfort to us. Hereupon it is the first thing that we desire when we pray," Thy kingdom come," that Christ should come and rule in our hearts. His kingdmn in his ordinances serves but to bring him home to his own place, our hearts" The words being thus. explained, that judgment here includeth the governn1ent of both Inind, will, and affection, there are six conclusions that natural1y spring from them. First Conclusion.-The connection of this part of the verse with the former is that Christ is upon those terms n1ild, so that he will set up his governn1ent in those whom he is so gentle and tender over. He so pardons, as he will be obeyed as a king; he so taketh us to be his spouse, as he will be obeyed as a husband; the same Spirit that convinceth us of the necessity of his righteousness to cover us, con-