Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

114 THE BRUISED REED will be light, Matt. vi. 22, otherwise both we and our course of life are nothing but ' darkness. The whole conversation of a Christian is nothing else but knowledge digested into will, affection, and practice. So if there be error in the judgment, it spoils the whole practice, as an error in the foundation doth the building. God will have no blind sacrifices, no unreasonable services, but will have us to love him with all our mind, that is, with our understanding, as well as with all our hearts, that is, the affections of the soul. This order of Christ's government by judgment is agreeable to the soul. And God delighteth to preserve the m.anner of working peculiar to man, that is, to do what he doth out of judgment, as grace supposeth nature to be founded upon it, so the frame of grace preservetl1 the frame of nature in man. Therefore Christ bringeth all that is good in the soul through judgment, and that so naturally that many, out of a dangerous error, think that the good which is in then1 and issueth from them, is from themselves and not from the powerful work of grace. As the Devil so subtilely leadeth us according to