Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND .SMOKING FLAX. 115 the stream of our own nature, that men think that he had no hand in their sin. But here a mistake is with little peril, because we are bad of ourselves, and the Devil cloth but promote what evil he findeth in us. But there are no seeds of supernatural goodness at all in us. God findeth nothing in us but enmity, only he hath engraven this in our nature to incline in general to that which we judge to be good. Now when he clearly discovers to us what is good in particular, we are carried to it; and, when convincingly he discovers that which is evil, we abl!or it as freely as we embraced it before. Fron1 which we may know when we work as we should, that is, when we act out of inward principles : Not when we do that which is good, only because we are so bred or because such or such whom we respect do so, or because we shall maintain a party, so making religion a faction: ,but out of judgment, when we do good because we first judge it to be good, and when we abstain from evil because we judge it to be evil, from an inward judgment. A sound Christian, as he enjoyed the better part, so he hath first made choice I 2