Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

116 THE BRUISED RimD of it with Mary : he establisheth all his · thoughts by counsel. God indeed useth carnal men to very good service, but without a thorough altering and conviction of their judgments. J-Ie worketh by them, but not in them, therefore they neither approve the good they do, nor hate the -evil they abstain from. The second branch is, that wherever true wisdom and judgment is, there Christ sets .up his government, ~ because where wisdom is, it directs us not only to understand, but to order our "vays aright. Where Christ by his Spirit as a prophet teacheth, he likewise as a king by his Spirit subdueth the heart to obedience, or what is taught. This is that teaching which is promised of God; when not only the head, but the heart itself is taught. When men not only know what they should do, but are taught the very doing of'it. They are not only taught that they should love, fear and obey, but they are taught love itself, and fear and obedience itself. Christ sets up his chair in the very heart, and alters the frame of that, and makes his subjects good, together with teaching them to be good. Other princes