Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOKING FLAX. 117 can make good laws, but they cannot write them in their people's hearts. This is Christ's prerogative: he infuseth into his subjects his own SpiriL Upon him there not only resteth " the Spirit of wisdom . and understanding,'' but likewise ' ' the Spirit of the fear of t4e Lord," Isa. xi. 2, 3. The l}nowledge which we have of him, from himself, is a transforming knowledge. The same Spirit that enlighteneth the mind, inspiretl1 gracious inclinations into the will and affections, and infuseth strength into the whole man. As a gracious man judgetl1 as he should, so he affecteth and acteth as he judgeth. His life is a commentary upon his inward man. There is a sweet harmony betwixt God's truth and such a man's judgment and his whole conversation. The heart of a Christian is like Jerusalem when it was in its best state, a city compact within itself; where are " set up the thrones of of judgment." Judgment should have a throne in the heart of every Christian. Not that judgment alone will work a change. There must be grace to alter the bent and sway of th:e will, before it will yield to be wrought upon by the under-