Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

118 "THE BRUISED REED standing. God hath so joined these, that whenever he savingly shines upon the un-, derstanding, he giveth a soft and pliable heart. For without a work upon the heartby the Spirit of God, it will follow its own inclination to that which it loveth, whatsoever the judgment shall say to the contrary. There is no connatural portion betwixt an unsanctified heart and a sanctified judgment. For the heart unaltered . will not give leave to the judgment, cooly and soberly to conclude what is best. As the sick man, whilst his aguish distemper corrupteth his taste, is rather desirous to please that, than to hearken to what the physician shall speak. Judgment bath not power over itself where the will is unsubdued. For the will and actions bribe It tq give sentence for them, when any profit or pleasure shall con1e in competition with that which the judgment in general only shall think to be good.- Therefore it is for the most part in the power of the heart, what the understanding shall judge and determine in particular things. Where grace bath brought the heart under, there unruly passions do not cast such a n1ist before the understanding·,