Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOKING FLAX. 133 resign up ourselves to him in all things; for then his kingdom is come unto us, when our wills are brought to his will. It is .the bent of our wills that maketh us good or ill. ( 6.) A well-ordered uniform life, not by fits or starts, shews a wellordered heart; as in a clock, when the hammer strikes well, and the hand of the dial points well, it is a sign that the wheels are right set. (7 .) When Christ's will cometh in competition with any earthly loss or gain, yet if, in that particular case, the heart will stoop to him, it is a good sign. For the truest trial of the power of grace is in such particular cases which touch us nearest, for there our corruption maketh the greatest head. When · Christ came near to the young man in the gospel, he lost a disciple of him. (8.) When we can practise duties pleasing to Christ, though contrary to flesh and the course of the world ; and when we can overcome ourselves in that evil to which our nature is prone and much inclined to, and which agreeth to the sway of the times, and which others lie enthralled under, as desire of revenge, hatred of enemies, private ends, &c. then