Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

134 THE BRUISED REED it appears that grace is in us above nature, heaven above earth, and will have the victory. For the further clearing of this, and helping us in our trial, we must know there be three degrees of victory. (1.) When we resist, though we are foiled. (2.) When grace gets -the better, though with -conflict. (3.) When all corruption is perfectly subdued. Now when we h~ye strength but only to resist, yet we may know Christ's government in us will be ¥ictorious, because what is said of the Devil, is said of all our spiritual enemies. If we resist, they shall in time fly from us: because " stronger is he that is in us/' that taketh part with his owi1 grace," than he that is in the world.'' And if we may hope for victory upon bare resistance, what may we not hope for when the Spirit bath gotten the upper hand? We must know, though Christ bath undertaken this victory, yet he accomplisheth it by training us up to fight his battles. He overcometh in us by rrmking us wise • to salvation. And in what degree we believe that Ch~ist will conquer, in that degree we shall endeavour by his grace