Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOKING ,FLAX. 157 that grace which brings us to heaven. But God's people feel a powerful work of the Spirit, not only revealing unto us our misery and deliverance through Christ, but emptying us of ourselves as being redeemed frmn ourselves, and infusing new life into us, and afterwards strengthening us and quickening us, when we droop and hang the wing, and never leaving us till we have perfect conquest. The Sixth Conclusion.-This prevailing government shall not be without fighting. There can be no victory where there is no ,combat. In Isaiah it is said, he shall bring judgment in truth: here it is said, " he shall send forth judgment unto victory." The words " send forth" haye a stronger sense in the original, to send forth with force, to shew, that where his government is in truth, it will be opposed, until he get the upper hand, Isa. xlii. 3. ' Nothing is so opposed as Christ and his government, both within us and without us. And within us most in our first conversion. Though corruption prevails not so far as to make void the powerful work -of g'race; yet there is not only a possibility of opposing, but a proneness to op-.