Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOKING FLAX. 169 and standeth on Mount Sion in defence of them that stand for him ; and whe~ states and kingdoms shall dash one against another, he will take care of his own children and cause, seeing there is,nothing .else in the world that he much esteemeth. At this very time the delivery of his church and the ruin of his ene1nies is in working ; we see not things in m.otion till ne hath done his work, and then we shall see that the Lord reigneth. Christ and his church when they are at the lo,west, are nearest rising : his enemies at the highest, are nearest a downfall. The Jews are not yet come in under Christ's banner, but God "Yho hath persuaded Japhet to come into the tents of Shem, will persuade Shem .to come into the tents of Japhet, Gen. ix. 27. The fulness of the Gentiles is not yet come in, but Christ hath the utmost parts of the earth given him for his possession, and will gather all the sheep his Father hath given him " into one fold, that there may be one fold and one shepherd." The faithful Jews rejoiced to think ofthe calling of the Gentiles; and why should not we joy to thiD:k of the calling of the Jews?