Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

' '170 THE BR UT SED REED The Gospel's course bath hitherto been as that of the sun, from east to west, and in God's time may proceed yet further west. No creature can hinder the course of the sun, nor stop the influence of heaven, nor hinder the blowing of the wind: much less hinder the prevailing power of divine truth, until Christ bath brought all under one head, and then he will present all to his Father; " These are they whom thou hast given unto me; these are they who have suffered with me. My will is, that they be where I am, and reign with me.' ' And then he will deliver up the kingdom even to his Father, and put down all other rule, and autho... rity, and power. 1 Cor. xv. 24. Let us then bring our hearts to holy resolutions, and set ourselves upon that which is good, and against that which is evil, in ourselves or others, according to _ our cal1ings, upon this encouragement, that Christ's grace and power shall go along with us. What had become of that great work of reformation of religion in t he latter spring of the gospel, if men had not been armed with invincible courage to outstrip all hindrances upon this faith,