Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

84 'r.HE BRUISED REED · and complaints? Lay together thy pre. sent state, with this office of Christ to the weak, and do not despise the consolation of t_he Almighty, or refuse thy own mercy. Cast thyself into the arms of Christ, and if thou perish, perish there : if thou dost not, th6u art sure to perish. If mercy be to be found any where, it is there. Herein appears Christ's care of thee, that he hath given thee a heart in some degree sensible. He might have given ihee up to hardness, security, and profaneness of heart ; of all spiritual judgments the greatest. He that died for his enemies, will he refuse those, the desire of whose soul is towards him ? He that by his messengers desires us to be reconciled, will he put .us off when we earnestly seek reconciliation at his hand? No; doubtless, when he prevents us by kindling holy desires in us, he is ready to meet us in his own ways. When the prodigal set himself to return to his father, his father stays not for him, but meets him in the way. "When God prepares the heart to seek, he will cause his ear to hear." Ps. x. 17. He cannot find in his heart to hide himself long from us.