Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

il 84 Chrifijuf7ified in the Spirit. and all his members under feet ; this frame of thingswill not hold long. As verily as Chrift is in Heaven, as verily as he is juitifted in his owneperron by hisspirit , by his DivinePower;. fo hewill juJtifte his Myfticall Body : and as he hath conquered in his owne perron, fohe will by his spirit conquer forhis Church. T'fe 2 And as he will overcome for his Church,fohe Chrifi by his will overcome in his Church ; flronger is he that s iris win. is in the Church inyou, then he that it in the world ; his church. and Gods children will be triumphant: though they maybe difcouraged, in refpe& ofthe pre- lent carriage of things ; yet the spirit that is in them ,above theWorld, will gather ftrength by little and littleand it will appeare at length, notwithftanding prefent difcouragements : un- doubtedly thebelt things will havea true lufire andglory at length , how-ever they feeme tobe carryed for the prefent : You fee as Chrift hath ju.i`tifredhimfelfe to be the true P&p', and as he hath jufliftedhimfelfe fo he will;ufifieall his; there is the fame reafon forboth. úJkfled ob f e For our further inftruAionand comfort, let us God. confider, that in regard of God likcwife , we (hall be juiiifed from our finnes in our confci- ences here and at the Dayof Judgement, before Angels, andDevils, and men. As Chrift was juftified from our finnes himfelfe, and- he will juflife every oneofus, by his spirit; his Spirit fhall witneffe to mur Soules, that we are ¡uJti. ¡red; and likewife his Spirit (hall declare it at the Day of judgement ; it (hall be openly decla- red,