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Chrifi juf,ißed in theSpirit. 8 S a are Co indeed. There a de- t tt i ; re,.., G! t we . o id is double ,6cac o» g1' eofjuf} fication;onein.ourconfciencenow; double. arQther,at the Day of judgement. Then it (hall peare, that ,ve have beleeved in Chrift, and are cleanfed froú3 our firmes , whenwe Ball fiand on the-riche hand or Chrifi, as all that cleave toChrifiby faith ; then it fhall appeare, thatby him we are jußifted from all our finnes whatfo- ever. Againe, Chrift wasjuftified in thespirit. Then hence we may learne our dulie; we ought all of us tojuß:ji!e Chrifi. Towhom is Chrifi juflifted by the spirite onely to his owne Church, and Children ; not to the reprobate World. We may know, that we are members of Chrift, if wee be of the number of thofe that, juflifie Chriff. Howdoe weju,Ftifte Chrifi ? Wejußifte Chrift,when froman inward worke ofthe Spirit we feele and acknowledge him to be fuch an.oncas he is ; Chriff is God. Now, whenwe relic uponhim asour Rock,in all temp- tations, we jufíifreChrifi to be fo : when we 1,ife the. Sonnewith the kiflès of faith , offubjetion, of obedience, of reverence and love ; this is to jn/lifte Chrift to I the Sonne of God, as it is Pfal. 2.Kife the Sonne,leflhe beangry. Thole that in temptation are to feeke- for their comfort, they doe notjufifteChriff, they doe not live as if he were a Saviour, not as if hewere a God ;' in temptations to 'defpaire , they juflifre. not Chriff. Thole ! vfe3. To juftifie Ch uefiion. ;Infirer. Howwe jufti- fieChrift. as God. P¡1,g.