Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

86 s As aProphet. 3 AcaPrieft. s a Krag. ()rift juflfed in the Spirit. Thofe that have Chrift illuminating theirun, derftandings, to conceive the Myfterics ofReli_ gion ; theyjuftifie Chrift to be the Prophetofhis Church, becaufc they feele him enlightning their underftandings. Thofe that find theirconfciences pacified, by the obedience and facrifice ofChrift;they juflifie him to be their Prieft: for they canoppófethe blondof Chrift fprinkledon their hearts , toall the temptations of Satan, and to the rifingsof their owne doubting confcience; their hearts being fprinkledwith the bloudof Chrift, they can goe to God,and the bloud ofChrift fpeakes for them, Peace; it pleads, Mercie, Mercie. Thus we ju.ffifte Chrift as a Prieff,when we reft in his Sacrifice,anddoe not with Pap:fit runne toother Sacrifices; this is, not to juflifte Chrift: To ju- ftifte Chrift, God-man is to make hima perfe Mediator of interceffion , and redemption . to make him all inall. They doe not jujiife Chrift, that thinke God was made man, to patch up a falvation ; that he mull doe a parr, and we mull merit the reft: oh no; take heedof that; ac- count all ourobedience, and all that is from us, as me4ruous clothes, not able to (land with the JufticeofGod. In a word ,.w.ejußifieand declare, and make good that he is our Kin* and put a Kingly Ciowne upon his head, when we fuñer him to ruleus , and to fubdue our fpirits, and our rebel lions; when we aerial nocontrarie motions to { hisspirit; when we reft inthis World, and not tsar