Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

Chrtgjulii5ed in the Spirt. traditions, but (loupe to the. Scepterof:Chrifts Word; this is to juftifre him as a King. Thus wç fl-,ould labour to jufßifie, and declare to the World the exceilencie and power of Chrift in our hearts, that we may make Religion lovely, and make it, be entertained in the World, be- ' caufe we fhe.,v it to be an excellent powerfull ' thing. Let us examine our hearts, whether.¡ we thus fuftifre Chrift, or no; that by our car- riage towards him, . we make it good that he is..fuch anone, as the, Scripture lets him forth tobe. R Inhis eurm In particular , we.juffife him , that- he rote' rnei It from the dead , wben ; we beleeve that we are freed fiorn our firmes , our Suretie-being out of Prifon.: We fujiifrehim as *ended into Hu- vs; when we have heavenly affe&ions , and . when we confider him as- a publike perfön, gone to Heaven in our name. We juffifrebird as fitting at the right handofGod, when we mind the things that are above, and not that arc here below ; or elfe we denie theft things weebe- leeve them not weir-4/6e them not ; when our converfa ions are not anfwerable to the things we beleevc,. Ifwe be the children of Wifedotne, undoubtedlywe (hall juffifreWife- dome. If we be the members of Chrift, we (hall juffifre our Head ; if wee be his > Spoufe, we (hall juffife-our Husband. Let us - examine our felves, that we doe in this kind ; and ne- ver thinke. - our ftate good;, till we can juliifte Chrift. In: 87