Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

8 8 Chrifljnßified in the Spirit. In thenext place, forour direfkion :as Chrift is/lifted himfeife by his spirit, by his Divine Power; fo let us know, that it is our dulie to jiJh f e our felves, tojufiifieour profeffion, juflife all Divine Truth. Let us make it good, that we are the Sonnesof God, that we are Chriflians indeed s not onely to have the name , but the annointing of Chrift; that we may cleare our Religion from falfe imputations : or elfe , in Read ofjutifying our profeffion , we jut tiffe the flanders that areagaina it. The World is readie to fay,None areworfe thenChriftians, and their Religion is all but words , and fliewes and formes : Shall wee jut ifie thefc Flanders ? No let us,by theSpirit ofGod; jujlifieour Religion';` let us Phew , that Religionis a powerfûll thing and fo indeed it is : For Divine Truth, when it is imbracedand knowne, it alters and changeth the manners anddifpohtions ; it makes of Li- ons , Lambes, it makes our natures mild, and traetable,and fweet; it rayfeth a man from Earth toHeaven. Let us juflifie this our Religion , and profegion, againft all gainerayers whatfoever: Wifedome jufkiftedofail her children. Let us iuitiÎte our Religion, and profeffion; by maintaining it, and ftanding for it,rand expreffe in out livesand converfations the power ofit, t eft fen, How (hall thisbe ? flnfirer, The Text fayth, by the spirit : For, as Chrifl' NowroC nia !upliftedhim felfe, that is, declared himfelfe to be P ashewas,by his Spirit; fo every Chriftian bath: the spirit ofchrijt , or elfe heir raneofhis: and VI this