Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

Chri:juf1ed1n the Spirit. this spiritofChrift, be is able to *Ilehis po- tation ; not onely to futile Chrift to be the true Head, &c. but all things he doth, muff be done by the spirit, or not at all. For as Chrift, when hebecame man, and was in the 'World, he did all by the direerionofthe spirit; He nts led into the Wilderneje by the spirit ; he taught by the spirit ; the spirit that fan&ifed him in the O'Vombe, guided him in all his life : fo a Chri- ftian is guidedby the spirit,Goddoth all tohim by thespirit; he is comforted, and dire&ed, and flrengthned by the spirit, and he againe dothall toGod by the Spirit: he prayes in the spirit, and fighes and groanes toGod in the spirit,he w lLes in the spirit, he dothall by theSpirit. Therefore, by the spirit let us juflifie and declare our felves what weare that there is fomewhatin us above nature,that wehave loveabove carnali men and patience and meekeneffeabove the abilitie and capacitie of other men : We juftifteour profef fion,when we do fomewhat more thennature, or whenwe doe common ordinarie things in a fpi- rituall holy manner. Religion is not a matter of forme but of spirit : Let us not (hewour Reli- giononely by word, but by the fruits of the spirit; by love, and mercie, and meekenefí'e,and zeale,when occafion ferves. The whole life of a Chriflian (as farce as he is a Chriflian) it gives evidence that he is a Chriflian; thewhole life ofacarnal! formali man evidences that he is nota Chriftian becaufe he bath nothing in him above other men : as our Saviour Chrift H fyth ; ----.., .7