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go. C{t ifi jra(iifiet! tke fayth; Oa-peculiar thins doeye, to diflinguillh ¡, chrinians doe your felves from other men So let us aske things above our felves. We profeffe our felves. to be the other men. children of God, the Heires-of Heaven, what peculiar thing doe rCe2 'How doe -we jrsiife. our felves ? A true Chriflian can .anftver; I can, r ïf>rie it by. the Spirit : I finde I doe things from .other . Principles, and motives , and in- ducements ,-then.. the.World doth.; who only refpeet tearmes of"Cìvilitie, :and ayrnes of the World , or. to_content the clamour of con- fcience !but I finde, 1 doe things out of affu. rance that .1 au the child of .God,. and in obe. I dience to im.. Let us fee ,. what peculiar thing wedo somechrini- Alas, I candor but lament the poore.profe answorfethen fionof many. How doe they juftifietheir Fro - Yagay s. fefïion ? How doe. they make good., that they have the- spi'1t of.God ravfing them aboveo- ther then, when they live. no better then Pa_ anf_, ( nay, not 10 well) .under the pmte{lion of the Gofpel,, and . Religion ? Would ?aga"u Iive as many. men ;doe ? I `id they not keepe , their wo-d s better ?_ Were they fo Ionic in their lies, and converfitions;. and fo licentious ?. Wou'd they fweare_by their gods idly ? :1oíl of our o-dinarie..people are worfe then Pagan/. Where is the iujlifying of Religion ?. If 7urka and Hearkens fhould fee them ,theywould fay; You talkeofR.:ligion,.but where is the power ofit ? If you had the power of i t, you would exprefl'e it more in your fidelitie, and honeflie, and