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Chriffjuf!fed in the Spirit. and merci; and love, and fobrietic. The King- domeof God, that is, the manifefl<ationof the Government of Chrift ; it is not in word but in power. Therefore let us labour tojuflife, that weare fubjet isofthat Kingdome, by the power ofit. Meere civill, perlons, the Apo(tde faythof Mecreeivi i them , 2 Tim. 3. they are fuch, as have a forme men,who. of Godlineffe, but denie the power of it. All that 2xlm'3' rabblement , that he names there, they have firme r : A forme is eafie, but the power ofit is not fo eafie. Therefore let us jaflife our Religion , by our converfation: Let us jaflifie the Ordinances ofGod , the preachingand hea- ring of the Word of God , by reverence in hearingit, as the Word of God; and labour to exprefíe it, in our lives and converfations : or elfe, we think it nothing but the fpeech of man. Let us juffifie the Sacrament , to be the Seale of God, by cornming reverently to it, and by finding our Faith ftrengrhened by it : So labour to juflifte everie Ordinance of God, from force fweet comforts that wee feele by them ; and then we fhew that wee are true members of C HR t s r , that we are, like CI-11u s r, who juflifted himfelfe in the Spirit. Beloved, it is a great Power that mug make Greatpowct a true Chriflian no leffe, then the Potrerof to makea the spirit that rayfed Chri/1 from the' dead as ,Chriftlan. rt is , Ephef. i. Saint Paul prayer . That :they FPhtf a muht fete' the power that rayfed Chriflfrom the. H 2 dead. yr