Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

Chrift jt>sfli'tedin the Spirit, dead, h is tit,' léffe power, for Chrift to thine ¡ in our darke hearts, then to malt light to (pine 1 out ofdarknefJe. Now , what power is in the lives of mofi men ? The power that ra_yfed Chfiiifraud the dead? Cerrainely, no. What posver is there in hearing the Word , when many are fo full of pro- phanenefre, that they altogether neglect it? What power is there, nów and then to fpeake a good word , or now and then to doe á flight aftion ? Is this theporrer that rajfed Chrift from the dead, when by the flrength of nature men can doe it ? There mutt be fomewhat above nature, to ;uf#ifie a found Ipitituall Chrïftian: We trill fl have fotnething to fnew, that wehave our fpirits raytèd up by the spirit ofChrift, to jufife our ptofefïioit, in All eítates : In prof- peritie, to thew that We havea Spirit above prof. peritie , that vte 'are not proudof it : Then, in auverfitie, then we iuß,fle that we are Chriíli- ans, by a spirit that is above Adverfitie ; that we doe nor finke under it , as a were natu, tall man would doe ; when we have learned Saint Pauls LefTon , in all el-hues to be con, Paithintcnip- tent, In temptation, we juflifteourChriflian ¢ arion. profeflion, by arming our felves with a spirit of Faith, to beat backe the fierie darts of Sa- tan. When all things feeme contrarie, let us cat} our felves, by a Spirit of Faith, upon Chrift ;. that Argues a powerfuli worke of the spirit , when we can in contraries beleevccon, traries. Thus