Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

Chrift freneofaingeds. Thus let us fhew, that we are Chriftians ; that wehave fomewhat in us above nature; that when the courfeofnature feemes tobecontrary, yet wecan looke with the eye ofFaith through all difcouragments,and clouds,and can fee God reconciled in Chrift; that will jus`Htfle us tobe found Chriftians. Therefore let us labour not onely for flight, outward performances, that are calk for any todoe; but byan inward frame of foule, and by a carriage and converfation be- comming our Profeffion ; that we may malLe worthy of our Profeon fruitfully and watchfully, carefully and foberly , as becommeth Chriftians everyway. So much for that. I proceed to the next words ; Seenof Angels. Theword is not altogether fo fitly tranflated: For, it is more pregnant then it is here rendred, 'Hewersfeene. It is true; but he was feene with admiration, andwondermentofAigels: he was feene,as fuck anobject prefented to them fhould be feene,and feene with wonderment;it implyes the confequenceof fight:fight {tines up affeEti- on, it airtes up the whole foule s therefore it is pur fora!!the refl. They faw him with wonderment :For, was it not awondcr,that God fhould ftoupefo low,as ro be (hut up in the (traits ofa Virgins VVombe ? that Chrift fhould humble himfelfe fo low, to be God inOurfiefh?Was not here exceeding voti- drous love and mercie toman kind towretched H 3 man, 93 Sceme of Anb gels, what, Sight put for, Wondèrmeïnr.