Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

94. z Attendance. SNicntffe. Chrtflfeene, ef. lAngelt: .. man, having;paffed by' the glorious Angelrthat were fallen > And exceedingwifedome in .Göd, in fatisfyir:g his juftice,tbat hemight thewmen cie. á.. It was matter ofadmiration to the fingelf, to fee the great God floupe tired in fetch a poore nature as,mans, thatis meaner then their ovine., ,This, loubllefl'e is-the meaning ofthe Holy_Ghott , ,they raw, it with admiration.. And becaufe hewas their. Head, as,the fecöad Perfon , and theywere creatures toattend upon Chrift ; their fight and wonderment mull tend to some pra life,, futab.le to their ;condition; Therefore- they fo fee and woedred áthim,, as that they attended upon Chrift in allthe,pafï'a. ges of his humiliation, and exaltation ; in his Life, in his Death , in his Refurreétionand Af. ceofion , ; ; iÉ hey: saw hi n fo, as 'they were wi;tneffeF of him-to men ; they gave tefliinonieand witnefl"e ofhim : fo that it is.a-full word ,.in the intention of the Holy-Ghott. Indeed notonely the An- I gels,but all gave witneffeofhim,from thehigheff Heavens to Hell it felfe; all witneffed Chritt to be the true Mef:cs. In his Bann íme, there was the Trinirie:; the Father, ,ina Voycefrom Heaven; the Hoiy-Ghoff,l in s,he, fJapeof a, Dove : He had the witnefe of Angels , ofmenof ail rankes,. lever and Gentiles, menand women; yea, the Devils themselves oft times confeffed him inthe Gospel: He was wit- nefTdofall rankes ; they faw.hira, and gaveevi dente