Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

Chrifi feeneof Angell: deuce and teftimonieofhim,that he was the true Me as : he wasfeeneofAngels. To declare thisa little moreparticularly. The etngéls knewofChrifts cornming in the PA,before it was for , what the Churchknew, theAngels knew, in fome meafure. When God made the Promife of the Pronmifedseed, theAn- gels knewofit. And in Daniel, -the Angel fpeakes ofthe 70 veekes: therefore, before his Incarna- tion, they knew of him. But now they fawhim with wonderment in our flefh, now they had an experimental! knowledge ofhim : For, the An- gels, betides theirnaturall & fispernaturallknow- ledge, they have an experimental! knowledge, that is dailyencreafed in them, in the Church they fee fomewhat to admiration continually, in the Church , in the Head , and in the members. They knewof the Incarnationof Chriftbefore : you know the Angel brought the newes of be- fore-hand,to theVirginMary. The Angels atten- ded upon Chrift, fromhis very infancie; the Angels miniftred to him, inhis temptation ; be- '! fore his death , they comforted him in the Gar- ! den : he was made lover then theAngels (in tome fort) as it is in Pfal, 8. for they came to comfort him; he was fo low, that he had the comforting ofAngels : Then they faw when he was buried, they rolledaway the none. By theway ingeneral!, it is the Angels office toremoove impediments that hinder us` from Chrrft. A Chrif ian (hall have Angellab re- n2tsove the fl~oncs, the hinderances that are be- ll 4 tweene Angcls knew Chrifts Incar- nation before hand. Knowledgeof Angels. Mattb. 4. PfaC. 8, ngels oee.