Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

art'f feene ofAngels. tweene Heaven andhim , rather then they fhall be any impediment tohis falvation. Then when herofe, there were angels, one at the head, and another at the feet ; and they told Mary, that hewas rifen And then at his Afcenfion , the Angds told the Dilciples , that Chrift (hould come againe. YOUhave the Stogie ofit at large in the GoCpel ; how from the An. nuntiationofhis Conception, tohis A feenfion, they lawhim and attendedon hirn,and witnçlfed of him. , As bone as ever he was borne, when, they appeared to the Shepheard , what a glorious Hymne they fang ? Glorie to clod on high Peace on Earth , Good wi/I to men. How joyful!. were they of the Incarnation of Chrift and the great Worke of Redemption, wrought there. by ? And, as I fayd , they did not onely fee thefe things, but they vvondred at the love , and met.. cie , and wifedowe of God, in the Head and members of the Church ; as we fee in diverfe places, in r Pee. I. 12. tree preach the Goffel, which things the Angels defire to loaf.. into : The very Angels defire to prie and looke with admi- ration into the wondrous,things of the Gofpel. So in Epher. 3. ro. ro the intent that unto Prin. cipalities and Powers in heavenly places might be made kvonne by the Church the manifold wifrdome of God. There is fornewhat done, by Chrift by his Incarnation, and Refurrea ion,, and Govern- ment ofhis Church,, that thevery inset( looke Into