Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

Chrifi preached to the Gentiles. I tiles had had intereft in Chrift , andbeene within the Paleof the Church before, There are feverall degrees ofthe d i fpenfation of falvation. There is firff,thc ordainingof fal- vation ; that was,before all Worlds. And then the Promife of falvation ; that was, when Adam fell. Then, there is the procuringof falvation proiiifed; that wasby Chrift, when he came in the fhfh. Then, there is the promulgation, and enlarging of falvation to all people ; this was, after Chrift was come in the ftrfb. Then,there is the perfe&confurrmmation of falvation, in Hea- ven. Now the executionofthe Promife, and the performance ofall goodconcerning falvation,it was refereed to Chrifis comming in theßefh;and the enlargement of the Promife to all Nations, was not till then. I doe but touch this to fhew, that God bath had a fpeciall care ofthis latter Age ofthe World. Some account the firft Age ofthe World , tobe a Golden Age; the next Ì Silver; and then, an Iron Age: but indeed, we may invert the Order; we live in the Golden Age, the Taft Ages,when Chrift wasmanifefled: What is the glory oftimes, and places ? The menifella- tion of Chrifr. The more Chrift is layd open withhis un(earcheable riches, themore God glori- fies thofe times, and places ;:and that is the Gol- den Age, where the Gàfpel is preached. Therfore,wecannot be tooamsch thankful! for that wondrous favour that we have enjoyed fo long timetogether,under theglorious Sun.fhine of theGape'. Hence Several] de. grecs of the difpcnfation offalvaton.