Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

134 Ground ofen- larging the Gofpel too. ther people, Sinnes-agah,ft the Gofpel. I Superüition. 1 j ChrifIpreached to the Gentiles. Hencewe have a ground likewife ofenlarging the Gofpel to all people, becaufe the Gentile/ now have intereft inChrift ; that Merchants,and chofe that give themtelves to Navigation, they may with good fucceffecarry the Gofpel to all people : There arc none fhut out now, liince Chrift in thisTaft Ageofthe World ; andcer, tainely, thereis great hope of thofe Wefterne people. We fee the Gofpel bath imitated the courfe of the Sunne; The Sunne of Righteoufneffe hash fhined like the Sun in the Firmament: the Sunnebegins Eaft,andgoes to theWeft; fo the Gofpel, it began in the Eafterneparts; it hash left them, they arc under the Trurki/h barbarous tyrannie at this time; the Gofpel is now conic to the Wefterne parts ofthe World: For, Chrift will take anholy Rate upon him, and will not abide longwhere he is dif-efteemed , where the Gofpel is undervalued , and iblended wirb that which is prejudicial) to thefinceritie ofit, when there is little carehad what men beleeve : The ftareofthe Gofpel , and Truth, is fuch, that if it be mingledover-muchwith Heterogeneallftuffe, it over- throwes it ; and Chrift will not endure this indignitie. Therefore, let us takeheed, that we keepe Chrift and his Truthwith us eaaetly; and let us take heed offinning againft the Gof- pel, ifwewould have it faywith us ; efpecially, ofhnnes immediatly againft theGofpel : as for affiance; Take heed of joyningSuperftitionand Pepìfb. rrafhwith it,or the like,that will eat out thevery heart