Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

Chrifi pre+sched to the Gentiles. heart of the Gofpel,,andPets up man in the place ofChrift. Againe,take heedofdecaying inourfirfl love: We fee God threatneth the ChurchofEphefiu, for not derifhing and maintainingherfir. (love; that he would remoove not onely the Gofpel, but theCandleHfick, theChurch itfelfe; for fe- curitie inabundance and plentie, and- decay in herfirs$ love,God threatneth, that he will fcatter theCandle flick, the Church it felfe,intoforraine places. Againe,aGnneagainfl: theGofpel,is unfruitful- neffe under it; When men dial! have the bleffed influence ofthe Gofpel,the Sonle- favingTruth, thegoodWord to be long among them ; and to beas barren under ir, as iftheywere Paganf : For the Gofpel to have no more power over our f>ules,then ifwehad noGofpel atall :That there is nodifferencebetweene usand Heathens, in re- gard of our converfations : To goe no further thenthey; nay, not fo farre in honellie, and jir_ ftice,and fobrietie:Let us takeheed ofthefe and the like Gnnes againft the Gofpel. And I fay, it fhould bea groundoflabouring the converfion ofthofe that be Savages, bethey never fobarba- rous, to labour toga ine them toChrift There are indeed fomehinderances: there be Iannesand Iambres among them,inftrumentsof theDevil,to keepe them in blindneffe and ignorance;and then enflome, that they arebred in, ( whichprcvailcs moft with the forrieft people) for ignorant peo- ple that have their wits determined toone way tlty. Decay in Iove. 3 Vnfruicfulaes. Hinders nces to the convcr- fi.nofPagn.