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I; 6 Chrif$preached to theGentiles., theyare fo f}rong in it as theyare not to be un- taught ; as it is hard to teacha Beaft, becaufe he is taught togoe oneway , for want ofvarietie of conceptions, beingvoidofreafon : now, people by natureare littlebetter then Beafts ; therefore theyare fo axed anddetermined in that way they arebrought up in,and are fofettled by theDevill and thofe Priefts among them, and by the ty_ rannie ofthofe that havecome among them, the spaniardr,ezc, that hath hindred their converfion much : yet take themas bad as they can be, God hatha time for them. What were wee of this Nation fixteene hundredyeeres agone? There is a fulneffe of the Gentiles to come in; and cer- tainely, it isnot yetcome, fully : For, it is pro- bable, nay, more then probable, that there are fome people that neverhad the Gofpel ; and the fulneffeof theGentiles mu(' come in, before the other Myfterie of the calling of the levees. I fpeake it, to encourage thofe that have interett that way, not to take violent courfes with them. There is nothing fo voluntarieas Faith . it mutt bewrought by perfwafions,not by violence : and there is a groundofencouragement hence , that fince the commingofChrift, there is a libertie for all Nations to come in,Chrift mutt bepreach ed to the Gentiles. Gotvelpreach Toconclude this point; let us confider, that ed,theexcel- we are thofe Gentiles , that have enjoyed this iencic f a preaching of Cl rift; and it is the glom ofour Nation; It is not our flrength, or riches, or any ornament aboveothers,thac fetsus forth fo much as