Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

Chrifl beleervedon in the World. -- as this, that we have the Gofpel preached among us,that thefe bleffed freames runne fo plentiful- ly every whereamong us. Let us labour to value this inefimable benefit : Where the Gofpel is notpresched , there the places are Salt-pits, de fpi- cable places, whatfoever they are elfe, as it is in Ezechiel; they are under the KingdomeofSatan: it is thegloryofa Nation, to have the Truth a- mong them. The glory of Ifraelwas gone, when the irkewas taken : the Religion and Truth we enjoy,it is our 4rke ;our glory is gone, ifwe part with that. Therefore,whatfoever God takes from us , let us delire thathe would fill continuethe Gofpel of Truth; that hewould fill vouchfafe to dwell amongus,and not leaveus. What were all things in the world betides, ifwe had not the bleffed TruthofGod ?we muffleave all ere long. Therefore let us labour tohave the eyes ofour underfandingenlightened,to conceivearight of the difference of things, and tovalueour felves by this,that Chrif is manifeffed to us ;and there- by wehave intereft in Chrift, more then by any intereft and part and portion in the world bet fides-: for then Chrift will delight tobewith us fill, when we make much ofhim and efeeme, and prize, and valuehim. Relayedon in theworld. Alter preached to theGentiles,he joynes,Beleeved on in the World; to fhew,thatFaith comes by hearing. I nd ecd,preaching is theOrdinance ofGod fantti- filed for the begettingofFaith,for the openingof the , 3 7__ Chrift belee, redon in the world.