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13 Faith the mar. nage of the faule toChrift. ILadderotilca- ven, 0)ri0 beleerved on in the World. theunderftanriing,for the drawing,ofthe wil and affef} ions toChrift.Faith,is the marriage of the Soule to Chrif :now,in marriage there muff not be a miftake, and error in the perfon; for,then it isakind of nullitic. Now, that the perfon to whom we are to be rnarryed by Faith, may be knowne tous, there is anOrdinanceof Preaching fet up,ro lay open our owne beggery and necefïi. tie, what we are without hirn, and to open the Riches ofour Husband,the iNi.,bility, and Privi. ledge.s,andwhatfoever is glorious in Chrift;than the Church may.knowwhat a.kindof Husband the is like to have. In Rom. r O. you have the Scala C rli,theLadder of Heaven,as a good old Martyr called:it, and we mutt not the Staves of that Ladder : How can they callupon him, in whom they have not be eeved ; and bomThat lthey be- lette, without a Preacher; and hors fhal1they preach, uulefe they befens?Here is Preaching,and Beleeving; and then Prayer. There are forme that arebitter againft this Ordinanceof Preaching, and advance another excellent Ordinianceof Prayer, to thedif- ysaragcment of this ; would joyne'them both toger4ter,it were well, You feewhat the A, . poftle fayth Horn fh.allthey call upon him , inwhom they have not beleeved andkw/hall they beleeve with* out A reacher?without this OrdinanceofPreach ing: Shew ing, that we cannot have the Spirit of Prayer,without Fairh;nor Faith, without Preath- ing.And theWifeman fairh,jle that turns his eare f om hearing the Lam,(underwhat pretencefoever) prayer Pall'beabominable, The prayers of filch men