Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

cbriflbeleerved on in the World . x39 men,that would criedovvne this Ordinance, how are they like tobeaccepted ? they are abomina- ble.VVe fee here,the Apoflle lets them downe in this degree,Hearing,and Beleeving,and rra)er;and here in thisplacc,Preaching goesbeforeBeleeving. Therforethe Gofpel unfolded,is called the word ofFaith,becaufeitbegets Faith,God by it works Faith ; and it is called the Minifferie of Reconcilia- tion, becaufe Godby it publi(heth recaciliation. Aspreachinggoesbeforebeleeving,fo it is the blef= fed infrumenr,by reafonof the Spirit accompa- nyingof ir,toworke Faith. In the M iniflerie of the Gofpel, there is not only an unfoldingofthe excellent things ofChriff,but there is grace given by the Spirit,tobeleeve:Andherein this publica- tion & proclamationdiffers from all other pub- ; lications in the world; men may publi(h & pro- clayme what they wouldhave, but they cannot givehearts to beleeve it:but in theblaredprom]. gation and publifhingof Divine Truths,there is theSpirit of God accompanyingir, towork what it publi(heth; itopensthe Riches ofChrift, and offers Chrift,and Chrili is given to the heart with it;irpub lifheth what is to bebeleevedand known, and it alters our courfes ; togetherwith it, there goes apower(theSpirit cloathing the Ordinance ofPreaching)to doe all. Therefore it is called the minifieryof the spirit ; why? becaufe what is pub - lifhed in the preachingof theVVorci,co thofe that belong to God,it bath the Spirit to convey it to the foules of Gods people. Therefore he fayth herc,firflpreached, and then beleeved. L 2 Therefore, Difference be- tweene Gods and mens pro- clamations.