Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

160 ChYiJI heleerved on in the World. r By Love. Galat, 5. e. ven ; which Faith prefents to the eye or the belaver. Againe, where this beleeving is, it is a working, grace,it works by love; by the love to God,iede- fires the communion and fellowfhip of that it de fires ; andit workes by love,toother beleever,: it workes towards Satan hatred, towardwicked men, drangenefreinconve rfation.I t is awork ing grace; it workes by !ove, to all good to God and Gods people,and toour felves ; it makes us have too highefleerne ofour felves,tolie framed with thebafe fervices of fume; it workes every way, and indeed is mult needs be fo, when Faith fen . before the foule the love of God , ` n<Ghrifr: Hach God, loved-:rmefo, try r&acieler&and frorh fuch mifery by fuch a courfe as this God nma i. ftft in the flefh . to Advance inë to fuch happi. nefle, being (fuch'as I teas before) a firmer? Oh, the thought of this will cönarai-neus, ás the phrafe of the Apoftle iS ;'1')eiótxfrfChrift con= ftrainethme and then the foule will be arrive, and camel} in any thing, that may be for the ho- nourof Chriiio H:ath Chrifr thought nothing too dea re for me not his'Jöwne blood ; fär thi fa Iva tionofmy foule, ?is the price fhis blood He came downe from Heaven , hewasGod meni- felt in thcflefh, on purpofe , in loveto my foule; and (hall Ithitike any thing roo Beare for him ? And hereupon Faith ivorkes,and (litres up love; and when it is furred ial., -by ir, it is a,`Ied by it; itu`eth the love of God, in all the performance ofwor(hip to GA,and indoingall good wont bre-