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Chriji beleervedox in the World. { 161 brethren,, and to our felves,to carryour felves as we (Mouldevery way. We fee the Woman in the Gofpel, Luke 7. when (he had much forgiven her , file lovedmuch: All duties come from Love.What need I fpeake ofparticular branches? Chrift brings all toLove, he includes all duties in that one in Love; be- caufè they come from Love, and have Love to carry them, and to mingle it felfe, with them ; and Love corns from 'Faith Faith Forking by Love 'evideneeththat we belecve; where there is. noLove, there isnöFaith. Therefore, let us la- boutpo have this affe.`tion of Love kindled; if ww9u hhave Lxvekiirid:led,we to {a ftirre it up 1b Fait1; -, .You fee thkin,taat this beleet ing is the. lead ing,gtac. Let us labour by all meats therefore to water tllisaootr. When we... irould;haveTrees flóbrifh bpd tbri,YeiSiPe potírewater,tothe Roots ofthem, Now the radicalLgrace in a Chriftians foule, is this belefving ; this trufting in God,reconciled in ChriJ ;. this relying upon Christ ; a convincing .perfwafion;that Godand Chrift are mine :'this is the..radicali, grace of all other , let us water and cicrifh this by all meanestvhatfover. And to this end, let us labour to encreafe in knowledge; ï knem14em i have beleeved,fayth the Apoftle : for, all grace comes into the foule by the light ofknow ledge ; whatfoever is good, is conveyed by light into the heart. Faith efpecial- ly is the bent of the will to Chrifl, receiving him ; but this comes by a fupernaturall light , difco vcring , Luke 7. To cheri(h Faith.