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I 6z Chrifi. belee .red on in the !World vering Chriit. Therefore, let us delire to heare much ofChria,ofhis Priviledges,and Promifes; the moreofChriit we know the more we fhall belecve; and fay with the Apoftle, I Inewrrhon,l. havebeleeved, It is a fond and wicked Tenent of the Pipi://f,1 to fay, That Ignorance it the Mother of Devotion. and Bellarmines Tenent is, That Faith si letterde. fined by Ignorance, then by and thing elfe a fond, and unlearned conceit :For,how foever the reafon 1 and depth ofthe things ofFaith cannot befear.1 ched, yet we may know the things that are revea- led in the Scriptures. The more I know the things that are revealed concerning Chrift, and know that they are Gods Truths; the more I know, the more I (hall belecve, Faithofneceffity requires knowledge;therefore, knowledge is fut for all other graces c This is eternal/ life, te-Inem thee and shorn thora haft fent ; becaufe it is an in. j gredient in all graces : it is a moine ingredient' in Faith ; themore a e kno ;v , the morewe (hail belecve ;Thy that knorr thy Name, will trttft in the. Is it not fo in mens matters? the morewe know a man tobe able,and loving, and faithlull ofhis word, themore we (hall troll him, Is it rot fo in divine things? the morewe knowofChriit, and ofhis Riches,and Truth,themore experimental! know /edgewe hateofhim, that we find him to be fo,themorewe shall truft him. Therefore, by the knowledge that is gotten by the meaner, let us labourforancxperimentall knowledge,that fo we may mitt and belette in him more and more. Let edFlarrr. Ioh.'7.3. riot. 9.