Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

Cbrifi beleervedon in the World. Let us looks to the paftages. ofour lv s in for, mertimes,how gracious God bath been towards us,and take in trua the time tocome,that hewill be fo to the end; He is theAuthor,andFinifher ofour Faith. Arad let us fearch into the depth ofour ownewants and weakncffes,and this will force us to grow in Faith more and more, this will be a meanes to encreafe our Faith: themorewe fee of our owne nothingnefhe, and inabilitie, without Chria, that wearenothing, nay, that wearemi- ferable without him,the m^rewe alai! cleave to him ,and cafl our felves up' )n him. Thole that have the deepeft apprehenfions of their ovne wants,and weakeneffe,ufually they have the dee- peft apprehenfions ofchrif!, and grow more and more rooted in him. The fearching ofour owne corruptions every day, is a notable meanes to. grow inFaith;to confider what we are, if it were not for Gods mercy inChrif1, and 'this will make us to make out ofour felves to Chrifl ; it will make us flye to the ChieofRefuge. loab, when he was purfued, he fled to the Hornes oftheAltar; when confciencepurfues us, it will make us flye I. to the Hooksofthe Altar, to the Citieof Refuge into our owne confcience, and wayes, will forceus to live by Faith, and to exercife Faitheveryday, inChrifllerui. And this is to feed on chrifl daily ; to flye to chrifl,whenwe are flung with finne,and hunger ; in the want ofgrace, and ftrength,ro flye tohim for fupply; and fo to keepe and encreafe Faith, by this excellentmeanes. Chrifi is all in all to thofe