Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

164 Chrifi recei'vedup in Glory. C t ecei: ved up in G1oly. thole that hope to be Paved by him ; Chritis the groundof our life, and comfort, and our happi. neffe : Therefore we íhould makeout tohim, upon all eccafons , tocleave to him in life, and death. We cannot preffe this point ofFaith too much. Why are Chriflíans called, beleeverll beeaufe beleeving is all : ifwe can prove theTruth of our Faith, and beleefe, we proveall; ifwebe faulty in that all is rotten ; whatfeever iswithout' Mal, ecfsnue. All mens naturali morality andci- vility, it is (as it were) but Copper graces, but counterfeits ; they are but for theoutwarpap. pearance,andnot in truths they arenot enlivened and quicknedbyFaith inChriß. But I leave this, andcome to the lafl Chufe, Received up inglory: This is the laf} Branchof this Divine M,Jterie ofGadlineße, but it is none of the leaf{ . Chrifi afcended, ifwerefpee} himfelfe; hewas received, gyve Tooke to bis Father; him felfe afeencled, his Father received him : the Scripture bath both words ; ¿v& i , he *ended up, that is for him. (elfe; , he was receivedup1 that is, hevcas affurnpted; there is no difficulty in the words : he afcended up, as well as hewas receivedup poll. tively,as well as paffively. In his death, hewas nor onely crucified byothers, and delivered by his Father, but he gave himfelfe todeath ; fo be was not onely receivedup inglory but he afcended up into glory. This fhewes theexaltation of(brit/. The